Update: Consecrated Host that was to be used in Oklahoma black mass returned

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“I am relieved that we have been able to secure the return of the sacred Host, and that we have prevented its desecration as part of a planned satanic ritual,” said Archbishop Paul Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. “I remain concerned about the dark powers that this satanic worship invites into our community and the spiritual danger that this poses to all who are involved in it, directly or indirectly.”

Details on the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City website.

Please join the united campaign of prayer in response to planned Oklahoma City black mass

As many of you may already know, a group of occultists have scheduled a black mass at the Oklahoma City Center Music Hall on Sept. 21. Although Oklahoma’s governor has strongly condemned the event, lawyers for the state have said that nothing can be done to prevent it.

Below are some links to additional information. Please be sure to join with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Tulsa and the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City as they fervently pray and fast for the cancellation of this blasphemy.

Background on the story from the secular press (venture into the comment
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JPIC News -- August 2014

One of the benefits of this new regional website is the synergy that can be created . I read Mattie Ward’s inspiring words about being how we are taught to hate and I can pick up on that with the thought that there is just so much rhetoric and hostility in our world today. This website ought to not only encourage us to think about things with a more Christ like attitude but also it can stir us out of lethargy and into action as we as Secular Franciscans are called “to be in the forefront of bringing about a
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From the Heart of Our Minister - August, 2014

PEACE to each of your hearts dear brothers and sisters on this Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula!

We are tickled beyond pink to welcome you to our new Regional Website. Last year, we were approached by three computer-savvy brothers, Ted Bienkowski, OFS, Evan Ortiz, OFS, and Lee Potts, OFS, who gently explained to us that it was time to bring our Region into the 21st century. Now, through the efforts of our webmaster extraordinaire, Lee Potts, OFS, we are on our way! Soon, there’ll be an “app” for that, for those so inclined.

Lee has
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