Fr. Francis' Reflection - July, 2015

July 2015

O loving one bear in mind your poor children for whom, without you,

their one and only consolation, there is little comfort…

they still .. tearfully cry out to you:

O father,

place before Jesus Christ, son of the Most High Father,

His sacred stigmata;

and show Him the signs of the cross on your hands, feet, and side,

that He may mercifully bare His own wounds to the Father,

and because of this the Father will ever show us
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Fr. Francis' Greetings – July, 2015

July 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers in St. Francis,

The Lord grant you his peace!

Our relationship with Jesus and living in, with, and for Him each day is a wonderful experience for those who accept it. Why? Because, among other things, the “ordinariness” of our daily routine takes on an “extraordinariness” that fulfills our lives and can become “contagious”. It is up to us to keep the pace of the tempo of life and the flow of God’s gifts moving forward to envelop everyone in our path. We do not have to do hand-stands for God.
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– July, 2015Thoughts From Your Regional Formation Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you are enjoying the summer. Hope you get to read Pope Francis’s New Encyclical

“Praised Be You.” In the spirit of Pope Francis’s Encyclical, let us take a look at one of St. Francis’s prayers The Canticle of the Creatures and our Rule.

In the Canticle of the Creatures Francis praises God for all God’s creation, the sun, moon, stars etc. and addresses them all as brother and sister brought into being by the same Father. For Francis each creature, animate or inanimate, was a sign and reminder of God’s presence to us.

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