Thoughts of your Regional Formation Director - December, 2014



Servant Leadership In the Secular Franciscan Order

 Brothers and Sisters, after reading the article in TAU USA written by our National Minister Tom Bello, OFS, I could not help but think of my journey and also others who have served for a long time.

When you think of those who say “No” to leadership in fraternity election after election, I ask where is the Holy Spirit if we by our faith, at our Baptism, have been called to Holiness – a deeper relationship with God and the realization that we are called to be a community of love and loyal to our Bishop and our Holy Father. All of these are components to living the Franciscan way of life in joy and in service. Some say they are not worthy to serve for they are not as educated as some of those who serve. There is no statement farther from the truth than this. I completed 12 years of High School. As far as my calling to the Secular Order I prayed that the Lord would direct me where He wanted me to go and what He wanted me to do. Through discernment, with the aid of the Holy Spirit. I was led to the Secular Franciscan Order and this is where I have found my peace and my joy.

I think it is exciting and a joy when, after completing the process of initial formation, you reach the day of your Profession day and proclaim the words, Yes this is what I want in response to the questions asked of you. I did not have the privilege of an Initial formation program as it is structured today. I was asked to read the Secular Franciscan Catechism, answer the questions at the end of the chapters and live by my means. With joy I did so. I especially loved to meet other brothers and sisters from Saint Ladislaus Fraternity in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The first time I saw The Liturgy of the Hours and the current Ritual was at St. Peter Fraternity in Riverside, when I had been invited to a Day of Recollection. A year later after my profession I was asked to be Prefect of my Fraternity and, through the grace of God, have continued to serve our Order in many capacities since that time. At each step, I could feel the joy of the presence of God in my life more than I ever had before. Of course, I did not walk this journey alone. I was inspired by members of my family – my mother and grandmother – Sr. Clare Andre, OSC, and many sisters and brothers in Fraternity who have accompanied me on this journey. I specifically recall Kay Sirak, OFS, who enhanced my inspiration to live my Franciscan call.

I do not regret serving our Order for up to now I have done nothing. If you feel are truly called to serve then pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. He will show you how to prioritize and organize what you are to do. Have no fear, since you will not walk this path alone. If called to service, you will have the help of the outgoing council members which will enable you to put your gifts into action. How many times have we heard these words, Do not be afraid.

God Bless you All in the Holy Season of Advent and may the Infant Jesus bless you abundantly in this coming year.


May I just share my most beautiful Christmas Hymn with you,” Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming”

May the darkness of our hearts be enlightened when we hear the beautiful words of this hymn and may we be formed into His likeness.





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