Easter Joy

Brothers and Sisters, May the peace of the Risen Christ be with you all!

Moving forward as Regional Formation Director it is my privilege to serve you once again. I will continue to visit fraternities and ask that if you have any suggestions I am available for you.  For instance, if you would like me to prepare Ongoing formation when I visit, I can do that or simply walk you through the phases of formation.

I was speaking to someone who finds it difficult using all the information in the grid going across the page. You are only to pick the most recommended text which is the Franciscan Journey or those mentioned in the Regional formation handbook which are from pages 177 to 183. In each lesson, you should include the Rule, Scripture, writing of Francis and Clare, and at times the Papal encyclicals.  The Franciscan Journey book is also set up where you have reading suggestions above your questions at the end of the chapters.  If time allows, you can then select some of the suggestions and the supplements in the FUN manual as well. As local Formation Director some of my lessons are from 11/2 to 21/2 hours.

At some point this year, there will be a workshop for formators. What we hope to do is have the same workshop in two different areas so that all Formation Directors will be able to attend one or the other. The dates will be announced later.

I have heard from some fraternities and hope that you will come with suggestions. This is a learning time for all. We do not teach we learn, form, but above all serve.

Pax et bonum,



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