Thoughts from your Regional Formation Director

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Happy Lent! Oh happy fault, oh necessary sin of Adam. The last time I checked sin wasn’t a good thing. As Franciscans we are mindful of our weaknesses and we tend to separate ourselves from God. We must begin again and what a better time now during this season to seek a heart of conversion and transformation so we can become better Franciscans.

The scripture reference in Corinthians should inspire each of us “God choses the weak, to shame the proud.” We know that fraternity is a privileged place, “a community of love.” It should encourages and empowers us to leave our comfort zone to be servant leaders.

We are all called to be servants, especially in our fraternities and possibly even higher levels of fraternity.

We have the responsibility to see that we strive for the good of the Order. Our promise at Profession inspires us live the gospel life and follow Our Rule. Prayer is the pre cursor, it is the soul of all we are and do. (Article 4) How does the Gospel challenge us? What does God ask of us?

We will soon be coming to gather as family for the Chapter of Elections. During this time you may want to reflect on these above questions and other scripture references pertaining to servant leadership. We are blessed with many resources on Servant Leadership as well.

It is not a competition for status or power. This is the mindset of today to feel important and powerful. The followers of Jesus were summoned to follow Him, they were not educated. He called them to be humble and to serve, rather than seek dominion. We know that God alone is the one to be honored. We must desire to serve with humility for the good of all.  “whomever wishes to be great among you must be your servant. Mt. 20:26.

We are reminded that the Church gives us the OFS Rule to follow God’s will.

It is important to elect people who are competent for the role of service. We must work together to make decisions to better serve our brothers and sisters. It is done by reflecting on the OFS Rule & Constitutions.

May the Holy Spirit guide each of us who are called to serve.

I Have Done What Is Mine to Do: May Christ Teach You Yours

Peace be with each one of you, you are my joy!!




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