October 2016 from the Regional Minister

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how can they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And can they hear without someone to preach? And how can people preach unless they are sent?  Romans 10: 13-15

Pour out your Spirit, so that I might be strengthened to go forth and witness to the Gospel in my everyday life through my words and actions.

In moments of hesitation, remind me:

If not me, then who will proclaim the Gospel?

If not now, then when will the Gospel be proclaimed?

If not the truth of the Gospel, then what shall I proclaim?

We have been sent.  The day we said “Yes, this is what I want”, the Lord sent us out.  It is probably no further than your own home, neighborhood, church, work place. During this Year of Mercy, how about shaking it up a little?  Bring something new to the table. Maybe make a greater effort to be God’s mercy to someone in desperate need of it.

The Lord resides within you.  We all believe that.  But why is He there?  Not just because He loves you, but to be present to other people.  You are the instrument.  You are extending God’s hand in comfort every time you put your arm around someone in need.  You are God’s joy every time you smile at someone or say something nice.  You are God’s love every time you wipe away someone’s tears.  No one understood this better than St. Francis.  Make me a channel of your peace, not give me peace.  Let me provide peace to other people.  St. Francis also said:  Preach the Gospel, use words if necessary.  We are constant examples to those around us.

There are so many ways to do small things with great love. It’s more than just comforting someone in need or lifting up the spirits of someone who is ‘down’.  How about not dragging someone down by gossiping, telling them how terrible someone else is, being a constant critic.  It’s much easier to comfort another person than to look at ourselves to see what damage we are doing. It is the harder path to take. But imagine what a gift it would be to St. Francis for him to see us at least try.

We evangelize by wearing our Tau cross – telling the world we have chosen this path.  But then do we act as if we are the Lord’s agents on this earth?  In this year of mercy, let us ask to be better Franciscans and all the rest will fall into place!  I wish you much joy!


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