Thoughts from our Regional Formation Director, May 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

Many of us when speaking about love can take it as life giving or not. Although it we celebrated that day months ago, it is still amazing that we seem to think alike on that special day called “Valentine’s Day.  We convince ourselves that candy, flowers presents and dining are the essentials to love someone and use this event for a promise to be married. These are certainly ways of showing love and affection but we know there is only one true love that will never die and He loves us before we were ever formed.

Just to share a funny little story:

I remember my first Valentine’s Day I was in first grade. Want to laugh??  I received about ten bubble gum rings and from another a chocolate heart. Very cute at that time.

However Franciscan spirituality is centered around one simple fact. God is love.

Pope Pius Xll describe Franciscan spirituality this way: ‘There is, then, a Franciscan doctrine in accordance with which God is holy, is great, and above all, is good indeed the Supreme Good. For in this doctrine, God is love. He lives by love, creates for love, becomes flesh and redeems, that is, he saves and makes holy, for love. There is also a way of contemplating Jesus…in His human love.

The great emphasis then is on the fact that God is love. Every Christian believes this, of course, but some choose to emphasize it as Francis did

To live the Gospel according to the spirit of Francis means participating in communion with Christ poor and crucified, in the love of God.

In brother and sisterhood with all people and all of creation, in life and mission of the Church, in continual conversion, in a life of prayer-liturgical, personal, communal as instruments of peace.

Let us not forget St. Francis’ love for Mary our Mother.  It was shown in his prayers and how he lived his life. He used Mary as a model for how he could follow Jesus.

There were two major prayers he wrote The Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the second prayer that Francis wrote about Mary is the Antiphon from the Office of the Passion.

Let us pray for all Mothers during the month of May; for the mothers to be and those who have gone before us.

IF you chose to you may use the following,

Ongoing Formation:

Questions for Reflection Read: The Testament St. Francis of Assisi

What is your image of God?

What is unique about Franciscan spirituality?

Why does Francis’s way attract you?

May the Lord give you His peace!!

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