Immaculate Conception Fraternity Chapter of Elections (June 11, 2023)

Brothers and sisters,

I joyfully announce the results of the Chapter of Elections held in Norristown, PA, on June 11, 2023 for Immaculate Conception Fraternity:

Name Position Helpful Info
Amanda Jamnicky, OFS Minister Reelected to 3rd term
Stephanie Russo, OFS Vice Minister New

(previous formation director)

Maria Innocenti, OFS Secretary New

(previous vice minister)

Jeremy Cherelli, OFS Treasurer Reelected
Lisa Bechtel, OFS Formation Director New

(previous secretary)

Mike Stanek, OFS Councilor New
Iliana Mendez, OFS Councilor Reelected

Let us keep these servant leaders in our prayers!

Peace and all good,

Teresa Redder, OFS

Seated (left to right):  Amanda Jamnicky (Minister), Lisa Bechtel (Formation Director), & Maria Innocenti (Secretary)

Standing (left to right):  Stephanie Russo (Vice Minister), Jeremy Cherelli (Treasurer), Iliana Mendez (Councilor), Mike Stanek (Councilor), and Teresa Redder (Regional Minister)

1 comment to Immaculate Conception Fraternity Chapter of Elections (June 11, 2023)

  • Terri Leone OFS

    May God continue to bless these sisters and brothers as they continue or start their new ministries to their Immaculate Conception Fraternity and our Regional fraternity as well..
    Peace and Joy,