How will you feather His bed this Christmas? Kate Kleinert, OFS, Regional Minister December 2022

How will you feather His bed?

Here it is the first Sunday of Advent…already!  Although this day begins the Liturgical year and the start of Advent, it is also a reminder that Christmas is a scant 4 weeks away.  That thought always made me cringe BF  (before Francis!)  How would I get all the shopping done, write all the cards, bake, wrap presents, decorate the house after a thorough cleaning.  Whew!  Makes me tired even writing all those tasks.

AF (after Francis!)  I have an  entirely different perspective on Advent.  It is not the switch that starts the countdown to Christmas day, but a beautiful reminder that we are preparing for the birth of a precious Child.

This is a joyful time given to us to prepare for the birth.  Lent is so very different.  That time is sorrowful knowing that it will culminate in the death of Our Lord. But, of course, there is the glory of Easter that follows.  We spend Lent making sacrifices, giving up things that bring us pleasure, offering up whatever is difficult about the journey and feeling empty from 3:00 p.m. on Good Friday until we take part in an Easter Mass.

Advent is a much happier time. I believe instead of giving things up we should add things to our daily living.  Be nice to someone!  Hold the door for the person behind you.  Allow someone to pull in ahead of you in traffic.  Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Help an older person get their groceries into the car. Cut yourself a break trying to finish the long list of tasks.  Follow the reverse Advent Calendar that was sent out a few weeks ago.  Do something positive!! Each thing we do will add some comfort to the bed of the Baby Jesus.  How will you feather His bed this year?  I pray that you find a way that pleases you both!

Intentions for January 2020

Pope’s Intentions:


Promotion of World Peace

We pray that Christians, followers of other religions, and all people of goodwill may promote peace and justice in the world.

CIOFS Intentions:

OFS: For the national fraternities of Chad, Ivory Coast and Albania (Chapters)

Prayer Intentions for the Month of December 2019

For the Evangelization – The future of the young: That every country determine to take the necessary measures to make the future of the very young, especially those who suffer, a priority.

OFS: For all the national fraternities in difficulty and the national fraternity of Uruguay (Chapter). Our Father…

OFS and General Prayer Intentions for October 2019

For the month of October, CIOFS has asked us to pray for the National Chapters of Election for

Croatia and France and for the National Visitation in the Philippines.

Our own NAFRA Gathering begins 10/14.  Please pray first for the safe travels of all us headed to Corpus Christi and second that we may be guided by the Holy Spirit in all decisions that will be made to shape the coming year.

The general intention is: That the breath of the Holy Spirit engender a new missionary “spring” in the Church.

Let us do what we are called to do….


Regional Minister – September 2018

It was a perfectly perfect day!  The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, but just enough breeze to keep it comfortable. And, it was the day of the First Annual Secular Franciscan Family Picnic for the fraternities bonded to the OFM Caps of the Province of St. Augustine.  God was smiling on the Friars efforts!

Stepping through the archway that connects the Friary with the chapel and church was like stepping into a beautiful, prayerful oasis. There were lovingly tended flower beds everywhere and a thriving vegetable garden that rumor has it are the handy work of Brother Andrew with the help of those new Postulants who have recently arrived.  I have never seen Elephant Ears grow so large and even asked Brother Andrew if he watered them with holy water.  That twinkle in his eyes and sly smile told me more than his words! 

Before the grill was fired up and all the side dishes brought out, Brother Kip, shepherded us into the chapel where he delivered a talk on our Rule. What a beautifully rich presentation that covered a number of pieces of our Rule but with one common theme….that we need to draw together, be a community with each other and all the branches of the family and most especially with the marginalized.  Brother Kip reminded us that to achieve this oneness with God, each other and creation, we must start with prayer.  Our prayer leads to love and our love leads to action. Such beautiful words to reflect on!

The food was fabulous but the ‘company’ was even better.  Sitting with these Friars and their friends and sharing a lot of laughs was certainly refreshing to body and soul.  The fun continued with a very serious egg toss that had those of us on the sidelines cheering for both sides as each egg was caught….or not.  How Franciscan is that!

The day was beautiful on many levels, none more than the fact  that it was a family gathering…..Friars and Seculars…..brothers and sisters…… us and them, but we.  We had a great time  being together and isn’t that our future in a nutshell.  “We” have  great work to do but it won’t happen unless we are helping one another, taking each other’s hand and going forward. Help us Lord to be aware of these great opportunities to not only work as a family but act as a family. Give us the nudge we need to step out of our comfort zone and take advantage of these invitations to allow our vocation to grow and flourish – as big  as Brother Andrew’s Elephant Ears!!