Some really good news!!!!!!!!

I received a letter today from the secretary to His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O’Malley in response to my request that the Cardinal mention the Secular Franciscans when he speaks at the World Meeting of Families next September.

Here is what he said:

The Cardinal holds the Secular Franciscan vocation in high regard and is grateful for your dedication to this important ministry, which enriches the lives of many people.

As we look toward the events being planned for the World Meeting of Families this coming September, we will be happy to determine how the secular vocation can be included in the Cardinal’s participation, to provide recognition for the members and to encourage a greater awareness and increase of this means of living one’s faith.  As you note, this could be particularly helpful for providing young people an effective and fulfilling means for responding to the Lord’s call in their lives.

We are most grateful to Cardinal O’Malley for his kindness in recognizing the value of the Secular vocation.


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  • Helene Bradley Gillogly

    Wonderful news. Let us all pray that the message reaches the ears and hearts of all those who are searching for more prayful meaning in their lives. Pax et Bonum