The Cord: A Franciscan Spiritual Journal

cord-logoMany of you are probably aware of The Cord — a scholarly journal of Franciscan studies published by the Franciscan Institute starting in 1950. It was recently reborn as a quarterly called Franciscan Connections – The Cord.

If you’re interested in a treasure trove of Franciscan thought, you might want to visit the archive of The Core issues from 1950 to 2010 that’s available here. I’m sure you will recognize in these pages many of the authors and scholars found in our OFS our formation materials and many other books and publications.

The May/June 1998 issue (starts on page 55 of the PDF) might be of particular interest as it’s devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Secular Franciscan Rule. It provides some useful perspective on where we are now and where we were in 1998 as well as 1978.

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