Glorious Day for the Region!

Brothers and sisters, may the Lord give you peace!  It is not often enough that there is joyful news to share but today is certainly one of those days.  After studying for 20 months, the first Lay Spiritual Assistants’ Class has finished and produced 5 newly certified Lay Spiritual Assistants.  They are: Kathy Agosto, OFS, Liz Bueding, OFS, Imelda Cruz, OFS, Edith Kurzweil, OFS, and Jean Peziak, OFS,
These ladies have worked hard and are to be congratulated!  Many, many thanks to the Lay Spiritual Assistants’ Team:  Justin Carisio, OFS, Marie Clardy, OFS and Cindy Louden, OFS.  Although the ‘students’ worked hard, the team worked harder!  A great effort by all involved has certainly produced fruit!

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