Padre Pio Fraternity working their new apostolate

Congratulations to the Padre Pio Fraternity, Philadelphia, PA, who have joined forces through the efforts of their minister Carolyn Murray, OFS, with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to clean up the environment. In 90 minutes they collected 10 industrial size bags of trash, 6 tires and a mattress! Not only are these brothers and sisters “walking the walk”, they find it a great opportunity to “talk the talk” while working with the other volunteers.  Keep those apostolate stories coming!!

More Good News!! Keep it coming!

Renee Eck, OFS, Minister of St. Patrick fraternity, Wilmington, DE, proudly passed on this news:  my husband Howard Eck, OFS, from St Patrick’s fraternity was accepted as an acolyte this past weekend. God willing next year he will be an ordained deacon.

(Howard is Formation Director of St. Patrick’s) Congratulations and best of luck in the coming year!!

Too Good Not to Share!

I had the distinct privilege of “attending” = Zoom, the monthly gathering of the Immaculate Conception fraternity yesterday.  During the business meeting, it was reported that there was a certain amount of  money in the “Poor Box”.  The minister, Amanda Jamnicky, OFS, explained for my benefit just what the Poor Box is.  Every month a box is left on the table during the gathering and everyone throws in whatever change they have on them.  When the amount reaches $50, the money is given to a member of the fraternity.  (They are going down the list of members alphabetically) That member then donates the $50 to his or her favorite charity. What a truly Franciscan apostolate! – Helping the poor and including everyone in the fraternity!  Well done, Immaculate Conception, well done!

St. Francis LBI 90th Anniversary

Today, October 6, 2019, St. Francis, LBI, fraternity celebrated their 90th anniversary and were kind enough to invite me to celebrate with them.  The Mass, celebrated by Father John Frambes, OFM, was beautiful.  A wonderful reflection on the fraternity was given by Carole Infante, OFS.  And then there was food………….lots and lots of food! The fourth picture is of the remaining living ministers with yours truly and Father John.  And the ocean…………I can’t remember the last time I was at the shore so on my way home, I stopped to hear the seagulls and breathe in that salt air.   Thank you, LBI, for a truly great afternoon.  May you have 90 more anniversaries!

St. Maximilian Kolbe fraternity hosts Healing Mass for Addicts and family

Healing Mass NJ page 1

Healing Mass NJ page 2

Chapter of Elections – Blessed Sacrament Fraternity

PEACE to each of your hearts! In the name of Christ, Amen! It gives us great pleasure to announce the results of the Chapter of Elections held at Blessed Sacrament Fraternity on October 12, 2014:

  • Minister – Bob Sievers, OFS (Former Vice-Minister)
  • Vice-Minister – Stephen Williams, OFS (Former Councillor-at-Large)
  • Formation Director – Bernice Crimaldi, OFS (newly-elected)
  • Secretary – Lorry Marchetta, OFS (newly-elected)
  • Treasurer – Kathleen Gambino, OFS (newly-elected)
  • 1st Counckllor – Margaret Roberts (newly-elected)
  • 2nd Councillor – Mary Ann Conlon, OFS (newly-elected)

Please hold this new Council in your prayers as they begin their term of service to their Fraternity. We are most grateful to the members of the former Council for their good work on behalf of their sisters and brothers and assure them of our prayers as well.

Blessings and every good,