From the Heart of the Minister -- January 2016: No One Is Excused

Peace and Mercy as the new year opens before us!  So many events have been remembered in the liturgies of the last few weeks.  Mary goes to visit her kinswoman, Elizabeth, whose unborn babe recognizes the Saviour that Mary is carrying. Jesus is born and in the Gospel two days later is 12 years old and teaching in the temple. Today, the wise men have arrived.  Simeon and Anna will soon recognize the child when He is presented at the temple.  So many stories, so many characters playing the parts that God has written for them.  No one is excused.

This particular cast of characters takes in the two unborn players….John the Baptist and Jesus,  Mary, the teenager, Elizabeth who is middle aged and pregnant, and Simeon and Anna who are elderly.  All of them have said Yes and did what was theirs to do. Not one of them said, I am too young, I am too inexperienced, I am too busy, I don’t feel well, I’m too old….let someone else do it.

God wrote the script of their lives and they all said Yes. Our Regional Elections are scheduled for March 19 – the feast of St. Joseph.  Although Joseph wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do when his beloved Mary became pregnant, once God made it clear to him, he also said Yes.  Have you asked God if he wants you in a role that might shake you out of your comfy chair? Is there work with your name on it that you turn a blind eye to? No one is excused.

We all said Yes on our days of Profession. This is what I want. This is what I agreed to.  If God is tapping you on the shoulder, are you standing up or looking the other way?  No one is excused.

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