From Our Regional Formation Director

Peace be with you! Brothers and sisters,

Well here we are coming close to the end of the Easter Season which hopefully leads us to a new a joyous beginning.

This month is filled with many feasts and celebrations and so what do I choose for the topic of this month’s formation topic??

Although we are rich in our resources for topics to choose, I decided that I would find something different which would correlate Our Lady and Pentecost which are a part of this month’s feasts and celebrations.

It so happened while researching I came up with the Post Vatican ll Magesterial documents about 15 in all.

I will list three of them with the paragraph number and the rest is for your research should you chose to do so. I found it very interesting and a cause for giving a talk and research. The theme: Mary’s Life Pentecost.

LUMEN GENTIUM 1964 * before the day of Pentecost “persevering with one mind in prayer with the women and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and with his brethren (Acts 1:14) 59

*and we also see Mary by her prayers imploring the gift of the Spirit, who had already overshadowed her in the Annunciation 59

BEHOLD YOUR MOTHER (USA) 1973 * there are striking likenesses between the Annunciation & Pentecost. Mary the great mother figure for the Church, is present not only at the Annunciation, but praying with her Son’s disciples before Pentecost 79

*After Christ’s resurrection, surrounded by His disciples, Mary prayed for the coming of that same Spirit, in order that the church, the Body of her Son, might be born in Pentecost. 115

CATEHESI TRANDENDATE 1979 * Virgin of Pentecost (title invoking her intercession) 73

These documents also lead to subtitles as well.

Resource: The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute

Blessings, Rose

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