Servant Leadership from our Regional Formation Director

Brothers and Sisters,

When we talk about Servant Leadership we first look to Christ as Leader. In Matthew 20-27 we read, whoever ranks first among you must serve the needs of all. I did not come to be served but to serve. At the last supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to leave us an example.

Let us look at Article 21 of our rule which states, on various levels of fraternity is animated and guided by a council and Minister who are professed and elected according to the Constitutions.

The description of each position on fraternity council is listed in our Constitutions from 49-52.

In the Earlier Rule of St. Francis Chapter Vll we read “And whoever comes to them friend or foe, thief or robber, they should be received with kindness.

Clare in her rule for her Poor Ladies as they were first called we read “She should strive well to preside over the others more by her virtues and holy behavior then by her office.”

We know that Leaders and Servants and that we are all responsible for every member in fraternity.

Although we are called to serve fraternity some servant leadership positions call for skills and talents. It is important when electing a council to be sure the person’s gifts and abilities fit the position.

The form of servant leaders takes place as we call upon the animator, which is the Holy Spirit. We need to be open to the many ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us and the grace of God.

Describe your understanding of being a servant-leader? What are some qualities needed by a servant leader?

How can we apply Francis Earlier Rule to being a servant leader? How about Clare and her rule?

What are some responsibilities of a local fraternity council?

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